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January 3 2012



Happy New Year 2012
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Fashion Show in Jaltemba Bay is a ‘Win-Win’ for Everyone

Originally the brain child of a group of women golfers, the Mujeres a Mujeres Fashion Show (also known as the Jaltemba Bay Fashion Show) has grown into a major charity fundraiser in the Riviera Nayarit area.

The 9th Annual Mujeres a Mujeres Fashion Show takes place on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in an extraordinary new location — Hacienda La Peñita, home of American designer Thomas Bartlett. The beautiful garden setting alone makes it worth the $300 pesos price, which also includes a luncheon and the viewing of fashions created by a select group of Jaltemba Bay designers.

Bob and Linda Gibbs share the emcee position for the event. Owners of Casita de la Peñita, they’ve been part of the organizing committee for years. “I appreciate the chance to give back to the community,” says Linda. “The Fashion Show supports wonderful causes and is also a truly local event.”

This season, for the first time, the Fashion Show is offering local businesses and individuals the opportunity for sponsorship. It’s a wonderful way to support an organization that funds many highly worthwhile projects.

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Polar Bears ...What a Blast

4th Annual Rincon de Guayabitos Polar Bear Swim


Tropical Cooking with Debra Triplett - Casa Cooking

Debra Triplett is a major contributor to the Jaltemba Sol. Her recipes and hints are a regular feature on page 5 Home and Living. She and her husband operate the delightful Casa de los Pelicanos Bed and Breakfast in Rincon de Guayabitos. A year ago she decided to open her doors to locals who share her vision for great hospitality and foods and started Casa Cooking lessons. Sign up for Casa Cooking Lessons here

Debra Triplett’s Much Loved Casa Cooking Lessons start Series two this week (January 6) Be sure to sign up quickly! Classes include delicious side dish/es with take home recipes!

Friday, January 6

Meat and Fish Market overview with a local Carnicero & local Pescadora.

Learn about bistek, arracharra, pork, lamb, dorado, huchinango, pulpo, and much more. Information to make you an informed local shopper! Tasty Samples!

Friday, January 13


Birria is a delicious meat dish in the tradition of hearty European winter fare.

Red Table Wine Tasting Try some locally available value Reds!

Friday, January 20

Pescado Serandeado and Pescado Wrapped in Banana Leaves

Pescado Two Ways!

One as Betty's special Serandeado and one Wrapped in Banana Leaves.

Friday, January 27

Soups! Traditional Tortilla Soup AND Pozole!

The perfect "Winter" meal!

Friday, February 3

Camerones de Rellenos (Shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon)


Friday, February 10

Enchiladas rojo y Enchiladas suizas

Learn the secret of great enchiladas rojo and suiza. Enchiladas Rojo was one of our favorite classes last year!



News This Week


National Guard deployment on U.S.-Mexico border has unclear results

President Obama’s decision last year to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border may have been smart politics, but a growing number of skeptics say the deployment is an expensive and inefficient mission that has made little difference in homeland security.

Critics of the deployment include budget hawks, who say it is a waste of money, and residents here along the border, who say they are tired of seeing armed troops in their back yard….go to original article

Mexico says US TV producer's extradition pending

Mexico says it has been notified of a U.S. court ruling to extradite an American reality show producer charged with murdering his wife during a 2010 Mexican vacation, but says the date for the hand-over is still pending.

Mexico's Attorney General's Office said Friday an agreement has been reached on the extradition of Bruce Beresford-Redman, but "the date for his delivery is still pending."…go to original article

Mexico gangster crackdown nails dozens, but still falls short

So many gangsters, so little time.

Though President Felipe Calderon's five-year campaign has nailed dozens of crime bosses, many of Mexico's kingpins remain at large. Despite 50,000 dead and tens of thousands of arrests the resilient gangs seem as capable of havoc as ever.

Calderon leaves office in 11 months. The crackdown he couches as crucial to Mexico most certainly will be left unfinished. Most of the leading candidates to succeed him promise strategy changes, but their proposals remain vague….go to original article


In Mexico, getting into Guinness can seem like a broken record

Hardly a month goes by without someone here breaking a world record, or claiming to. The world's biggest cup of hot chocolate. Most people kissing at once. Longest carpet of flowers. Biggest group haircut.

Recently, people were flocking to the parking lot of a stadium in Mexico City to see what promoters called the World's Biggest Nativity Scene: a faux Bethlehem covering five acres and populated with 1,000 life-size figures….go to original article

Smart travelers can still play it safe in Mexico

Shortly before Arnoldo Pedroza was scheduled to lead a tour south of Mexico City, the local guide started to worry that recent disturbances would sabotage his trip. He followed news updates anxiously, hoping that the area would cool off and officials wouldn’t ban visitors. You’re thinking drug cartels, vendettas and gunfire? Wrong. Pedroza was worried about spraying lava, not flying bullets….go to original article

Pet tiger escapes, causes scare in Mexico

A pet tiger kept by an attorney in Mexico escaped from its home and spurred a massive deployment of policemen and firefighters in a northern Mexican town, authorities said.

The 50-kg female Royal Bengal tiger named Deborah was roaming the streets of Saltillo in Coahuila state….go to original article

Mexico Seeks to Extradite Americans Linked to 'Operation Fast And Furious'
Mexico's attorney general moved into a political hot seat by asking the U.S. government to extradite six American citizens suspected of smuggling guns during Operation Fast and Furious.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) "gun-walking" operation involved allowing about 2,000 guns purchased illegally at American gun shops to be smuggled across the border.

The sales in 2009 and 2010 included assault rifles….go to original article

Learning From Mexico's Coalition Debate
A group of 46 high-profile Mexican politicians and academics from across the ideological spectrum shook this country recently with a daring proposal to end Mexico's political gridlock: forcing whomever is elected president in 2012 to form a coalition government.

The proposal, which made front page headlines in Mexico's biggest newspapers, was signed by several presidential hopefuls from all three major parties -- including Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, of the center-left Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD), Sen. Manlio Fabio Beltrones, of the nationalist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Santiago Creel, of the center-right ruling National Action Party (PAN) -- as well as by writer Carlos Fuentes and several prominent academics….go to original article


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News Last Week


Mexico's Mayan region launches apocalypse countdown

Seize the day. Less than 52 weeks are left before Dec. 21, 2012, when some believe the Maya predicted the end of the world. Unlike enthusiasts of other doomsday theories who suggest putting together survival kits, southeastern Mexico, the heart of Maya territory, plans a yearlong celebration.

Mexico's tourism agency expects to draw 52 million visitors by next year only to the regions of Chiapas, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Campeche. All of Mexico usually lures about 22 million foreigners in a year. ..go to original article

Mexico violence separates families on Christmas

Drug violence ravaging Mexico is keeping some South Texas residents from visiting family this Christmas, forcing lonely and heartbroken immigrants to seek solace at local churches rushing to offer ceremonies and services that are tradition across the border.

"I'm very sad, very sad," Silvia Rodriguez told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. "Because with all my heart, I want to go to Mexico."

Drug cartels, battling over territory and profits, have torn apart regions of Mexico, and while millions of U.S. citizens visit every year, the U.S. Department of State has cautioned against travelling to some parts of Mexico, especially border areas where carjackings and highway robberies have become more commonplace. …..go to original article

WestJet issues passport warning for Mexico-bound Canadians

WestJet is warning Canadians travelling to Mexico they should make sure their passports are in "perfect condition" before visiting the popular winter destination.

"Mexican customs and immigration officials may deny entry to guests who arrive with passports that are damaged in some way — including rips or tears, missing corners or water damage to the cover and inside pages," the airline said in a recent travel advisory to Canadians heading south.

Passport Canada noted on its website individuals with damaged passports could face delays at checkpoints or be prohibited from boarding. It stressed authority lies with the border service of the country in question….go to original article

West Deer native 'hero' for providing wheelchairs to Mexico's poor

A teenage girl disabled by polio changed Richard St. Denis' life -- and he, in turn, has changed the lives of others.

St. Denis, formerly of West Deer, became one of CNN's "Top 10 Heroes of 2011" for his work providing impoverished, disabled people in Mexico with wheelchairs. CNN will rebroadcast the awards show at 5 p.m. today and Christmas Day.

The young girl to whom he brought a wheelchair in 1997 while visiting a friend in Mexico later inspired him to create the World Access Project. Her joy and the independence it brought her made St. Denis resolve to continue transporting and distributing used or unwanted wheelchairs from the United States to Mexico.,,,go to original article

Holidays bring delays at crossings into Mexico

Delays at border crossings into Mexico are on the rise as immigrants rush to get back to their homes for Christmas.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials tell the Yuma Sun that pedestrian and vehicle lines are forming at the Port of Entry at San Luis and at other border crossings. The lines into Mexico typically form at this time of year as immigrants try to get back to their hometowns to visit family….go to original article

World's largest Nativity scene unveiled in Mexico

The world's largest Nativity scene was unveiled at Mexico City's Aztec Stadium on Dec. 7.

The enormous crèche, which holds two Guinness world records and consists of more than 1,000 pieces, will be open to the public through Jan. 15.

Spread over nearly five acres, the display includes 57 scenes from the Christmas story and includes a wall where visitors can post their wishes for the Christmas season. It took workers nearly 70 days to set up the 700 tons of material needed to create the display, with the help of architects, engineers, designers and historians. …go to original article

Playing it safe in Mexico

Smart travelers can still play it safe in Mexico. Mark these in your vacation planners as safe: Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula, and on the Pacific side, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

Shortly before Arnoldo Pedroza was scheduled to lead a tour south of Mexico City, the local guide started to worry that recent disturbances would sabotage his trip. He followed news updates anxiously, hoping that the area would cool off and officials wouldn't ban visitors….go to original article

I never thought I would ever say that I don't mind going to a dentist, but then I found Abraham Lopez Sanchez...great work, great prices and painless....327 274 1183
in La Penita Oceano Pacific no 14 just north of the Pacifico Bus Station on the Lateral...The editor, Bill Bell


Happy Birthday Agnes!

Agnes celebrated her surprise 83rd birthday at Matejas. Bobby led the large group of friends in singing her happy birthday

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy New Year

Bill and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

Feliz Anos / Feliz Años

For years we would be wishing everyone Feliz anos. We always got a quizzical expression back from Mexican friends and acquaintances. One year we drove a good portion of the Baja making sure at each military check point we would shout it out with much enthusiasm. (After all our reasoning was; these young men would have to work all day on New Years while others celebrated.)
It wasn’t until years later that we learned that our greeting of Feliz Anos was in fact wishing everyone a Happy Anus. No wonder Mexicans think us North of the Border folks are crazy.
The term is Feliz Años. Pronounced Fell-eece An-yos.
Watch your pronunciation!


Dorothy and I were so tired New Year's EVe as we had been in Guadlajara that day buying equipment on behalf of the Jaltemba Cup for a new computer lab for Plan de Ayala Secondaria.  We didn't get to visit all of our fun loving friend's parties but you were in our hearts.


More great pics from New Years eve and day by Larry Baron


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Letter to Editor

Gracias Bill por la noticia: http://www.jaltembasol.com/Articles/mayor.htm

Me preocupa que se estén tomando decisiones en el Municipio que afectan a la comunidad y no se diga toda la verdad acerca de la venta de áreas verdes.

 Todos ellos firmaron el acuerdo para la venta como una opción y no han propuesto ninguna otra manera de hacerse de recursos financieros. Por lo tanto la intención de vender aun persiste aunque existe la apertura a escuchar las propuestas de la sociedad para resolver el problema de la deuda.

No es un rumor, es real que desean vender las áreas verdes atrás de las canchas de tenis y AFORTUNADAMENTE en Rotary es donde se dio la voz de alerta con conocimiento de primera mano del problema, quienes firmaron y quienes serian los probables compradores.

Como alternativa estamos proponiendo al municipio la creacion de un  consejo consultivo para apoyar a una mejor administracion, mantenimiento y operacion de SIAPA y con ello lograr mejores condiciones de operacion tecnica y financiera pero sobre todo crear confianza en la sociedad de que los recursos seran manejados con responsabilidad y honestidad.

Tambien estamos proponiendo una campaña de mejoramiento de imagen urbana y limpieza de areas verdes de Rincon de Guayabitos para demostrar que verdaderamente nos interesan las areas verdes.

Yo estoy seguro de que la verdad saldrá a flote en este problema y que sera en beneficio de la sociedad.


Arq. Octaviano Figueroa Salazar.

Google Translation

Thanks Bill for the news: http://www.jaltembasol.com/Articles/mayor.htm
I worry that they are taking decisions in the municipality that affect the community and do not tell the whole truth about the sale of green areas.
They all signed the agreement for sale as an option and have not proposed any other way to get financial resources. Therefore the intention of selling persists even though there is openness to hear the proposals of society to solve the debt problem.
Not a rumor, it is true that they want to sell the green areas behind the tennis courts and fortunately in Rotary is where sounded the alert first-hand knowledge of the problem, who signed and who would be the likely buyers.
As an alternative we are proposing the creation of a municipal advisory council to support better management, maintenance and operation of SIAPA and thus achieve better technical and financial operation but above all to create trust in society that resources will be managed with responsibility and honesty.
We are also proposing a campaign of urban image improvement and cleaning of green areas of Rincon de Guayabitos to show that indeed we are interested in green areas.
I am sure that the truth will come out on this problem and will be for the benefit of society.
Octavian Arch Figueroa Salazar.



Look Who we ran into in Tonala!

Dee and Wayne

Early morning fog of La Penita Valley New Years Day


New Reports of ATM Skimming at Local Bank Here is What the FBI says to watch out for

Taking a Trip to the ATM?
Beware of 'Skimmers'

Last fall, two brothers from Bulgaria were charged in U.S. federal court in New York with using stolen bank account information to defraud two banks of more than $1 million.

Their scheme involved installing surreptitious surveillance equipment on New York City ATMs that allowed them to record customers’ account information and PINs, create their own bank cards, and steal from customer accounts.

ATM composite
Skimming typically involves the use of a hidden cameras (top) to record customers’ PINs,
and phony keypads (right) placed over real keypads to record keystrokes.

To continue reading this story click here

Click here to view the entire story and see more pictures

Luis Castro Galan surveys Jaltemba Bay for safety infractions

New Capitan of the Port says safety comes first

by Bill Bell

Luis Castro Galan has only been the Capitan of the Port for the area of Compostela for six months but already he has had a positive impact on navigational safety in the area.

Based out of Chacala Nayarit, Castro has started to enforce many of the Mexican laws on boat safety  that have been ignored in the past in this area, including laws on boat permits, boats speeding in swim areas, lifejackets, kayaks in open seas, etc.

"I want people to follow the laws of Mexico when it comes to navigation and safety," Castro told the Jaltemba Sol.

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Jaltemba Bay La Peñita Rotary Club has voted unanimously to honor the Clinica Cancer de Mama organization for "Service Beyond Self" at their 3rd Annual Rotary Dinner Dance on January 21st.  Under the organization's leadership over 100 volunteers provide free prosthesis, fund medical expenses, help with after surgery counseling, physical therapy and provide wigs, scarves and hats for Mexican women during a three day workshop, benefiting over 400 women from all over the State of Nayarit.  Interest in becoming a volunteer?  Contact Judy Krajnc at judykrajnc@hotmail.

The Los Amigos Club, with money raised by the local Jaltemba Bay La Penita Rotary Club, California Rotary clubs and Rotary International, has rolled out its recycling publicity campaign along with the 500 collection bins that will begin to appear on the streets of La Peñita and Guayabitos.  Look for a mascot symbol, brochures, student literature, banners, TV announcements and more.  Come, bring your friends to assemble bins at Toni Dicken's home on Saturday mornings at 10:00.  Thoughts or questions?  Contact Ken Synder at stuartbeach@seanet.com.

LEARNING FOR LIFE SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS ATTEND SECOND WORKSHOP conducted at the Marina Chacala Beach Club.  Led by Debbie Walton and Eddie Dominquez:  Sponsored by Rotary International, Jaltemba Bay La Penita Rotary and Kalispell Montana Rotary.  Assisted by mentors and volunteers.  Eighty scholarship students from Los Amigos and Cambiando Vidas participated in the hugely successful second of a three part series all day leadership workshops. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Watch the future leaders of tomorrow in action.

Johan Skana presented an accounting of the latest school projects at the last Jaltemba Bay La Peñita Rotary Club meeting.  He stated that $98,500 pesos has been received from the Canadian Ladysmith club for the bathrooms at Las Lardilleras kinder.  That project is completed except for the fencing.  That is US$7,500 of which 5,000 is for the bathrooms and another 2,500 is for the fencing of the property.  He also stated that another US$5,000 is expected this week from the Oak Bay club on Vancouver Island for the bathrooms at La Joya kinder.  Interested, contact Johan at johan.skana@gmail.com.

The Whiz behind Tecno Com Wi Fi:    Erick Gallegos Gonzalez

                       © Tara A. Spears

If you’re a seasonal resident, having wireless internet service is a great alternative to the land-line provider, TELMEX, for several reasons. First, there is no yearly contract that locks in a minimum of 12 payments whether or not you use the service. Second, Tecno Com is a lower monthly cost because Telmex only sells internet as part of a package that mandates installation of a telephone line-with a charge- plus the fee for the internet.  Telmex has a significant installation charge for the equipment, which is rented. With Tecno Com wi-fi you only pay for the months that you use the service; the receiver is purchased by you and is therefore transferable to another location. Lastly, and most important to me, is the prompt and reliable service Tecno Com provides.  When I first moved to Mexico, I was on a waiting list for Telmex internet-it took 4 ½ months before the service was installed.  With Erick, he is able to bring the equipment and set me up the next day.  I have had excellent service in the more than three years that I have had Tecno Com internet service.


Although Erick is young,  this sharp 27 year old is well on his way to becoming a   successful entrenpeneur. After completing university with degrees in accounting and computer science, he joined a computer company in Tepic. He began his wireless internet service out of his home until two years ago when he opened the La Penita office of Tecno Com. This expansion enabled him to hire a fulltime computer repair technition as well as offer our area much needed computer supplies, assessories, and hardware. The coastal humidity and salt air is hell on computer components, so when I need replacement gear now, Tecno Com is so convenient and reasonably priced. 

Click here to read the entire story 





Pedro Guzman will cut your hair for 50 pesos.  He is located in La Penita at n031 Americo Vespucio

The Los Amigos Plastics Recycling Program – Taking the Next Step

The Plastics Recycling Program that Los Amigos first put in place in 2008 continues to gain momentum. What began as purely a school-based program covering only La Peñita has now been expanded to the community at large and the coverage area has been expanded to include Guayabitos and Los Ayala.  Recycling baskets, with a Los Amigo logo, have been placed in locations throughout the Jaltemba Bay area and a weekly door to door plastics pickup has been established.   We are now collecting an average of 4,000 kilos of plastics each month.

Los Amigos recently received a grant of $13,167 USD from Rotary International to further expand the program.  So where will the money go?

The lion’s share (almost $9,000) will go to making more recycling baskets – Los Amigos has committed to making an additional 550 baskets.  While a small number of these will go to further expand the program in Guayabitos and Los Ayala and to replace damaged baskets, almost three-quarters will go the hotels and bungalows.  We will mount an extensive campaign to encourage the guests in these facilities to recycle – collecting more plastics from the hotels and bungalows is crucial to our goal of generating a sufficient volume from our sales of recycled plastics to cover our ongoing expenses. 

Click here to read the entire story on recycling


Los Amigos de Jaltemba Events

A Taste of Jaltemba

La Cancha de Futbal

February 25

Details to follow

General Meetings of Los Amigos

Palapa de Guty, Circuito Libertad #4

January 23, February 27 and March 26 (Fourth Monday of Month)

Meeting at 7:00 – Meet and Greet at 6:30

Management Council of Los Amigos

Palapa de Guty, Circuito Libertad #4

January 9, February 13, March 12 and April 9 (Second Monday of Month)

Meeting at 7:00 – Meet and Greet at 6:30


Recycling Basket Making Workshops

Saturday, January 7,14,21,28 and February 4,11,18,25

162 Calle Allende, La Peñita

10 Am to Noon

Directions – From the Highway : Go 200 metres North (towardsTepic) of the Main Avenida, La Peñita.  On the left you will see Pollo Feliz.  Turn Right and go 2 blocks up the hill (the street name is not shown).  The house is salmon coloured.

Our Committee Meetings are also public but I didn’t want to overwhelm the Calendar.  I can provide them if you wish.



3 Tons of Debris Removed from Riviera Nayarit Beaches


NGOs and the Hotel and Motel Association of Compostela recently performed ocean and beach cleanups in Rincon de Guayabitos, Los Ayala and La Peñita de Jaltemba, Riviera Nayarit.
Riviera Nayarit, Mexico - The participation of the community and NGOs has been fundamental in preserving the privileged environment found throughout the 180 miles of coastline in Riviera Nayarit.

On December 3-4, 2011, a team of 45 professional volunteer divers cleaned up the ocean floors, while the community participated in beach cleanups in Rincon de Guayabitos, Los Ayala and La Peñita de Jaltemba, three of Riviera Nayarit's popular vacation destinations.


Click here to read the entire story




Tonala ... Shoppping Mexican Style

Click to view more great pictures of Tonala

Driving guides by Dorothy and Bill Bell


New!  Road log and driving guide from Laredo to Mexico City $9.99

 Buy Now












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2012 fashionShow Tickets on Sale Now

The ever popular Women to Women - Mujeres to Mujeres Fashion Show are now on sale. Yvonne Trottier is heading up ticket sales and will be at Thursday's market in La Peñita, in front of the church, between 9:30 and 12:00. Yvonne says she "intends to do so until they have completely sold out."

The venue this year is the elegant Thomas Bartlett Estate - a perfect place to showcase local designers creations.

This is the 9th Annual Fashion Show. Proceeds from the charity event are used to sponsor the Cancer de Mama Clinic and other Women and Childrens health and education projects programs and scholarships.

Tickets are expected to sell briskly and those that are planning to attend should purchase them now. Tickets for the Margarita Challenge, another major event held in February, sold out within a week.




lick the




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Page 9: Recommended RV Parks

Recommended RV Parks

We have added a new category to our newspaper pages. Recommended RV Parks lists our advertised RV Parks who have supported us and our newspaper. Thanks.


Year round Weed ©Tara A. Spears

Ahhhh, the pleasure of relaxing outdoors amid the lovely flowers and continuously growing plants is so soothing.  While living in perpetual summer is fun for a true gardener- or anyone who likes more colors than snow white- tropical gardening has a downside, too.  WEEDS.   Unlike in northern climes, weeds do not have a dormant season in the Riviera Nayarit. Therefore, if you get annoyed by the presence of a particular species, like the prostrate spurge, left, there is no relief. Or you labor diligently to remove all pesky invaders only to have them reemerge a few days later. It’s an ongoing battle, but there are several steps that you can follow to come out on top in the gardener vs. weed fight.

Constance vigilance:  

1.   Hire a local: Having a part-time yard man is very affordable in this country. Even if you prefer to get your hands dirty, as I do, weed control involves intensive back-bending and lifting that I often delegate. You may have to train your assistant as the local approach to plant maintenance is to whack it with a machete; other techniques need to be introduced.

Click here to read more about weed









Mexico Insurance Tip About Policies with Percentage Deductibles

Flagstaff, Arizona (PRWEB)

Mexpro.com, the leading provider of insurance for U.S. and Canadian visitors to Mexico, cautions consumers to beware when buying Mexico car insurance from insurers who apply “percentage deductibles” to vehicle losses.

Purchasers of insurance for Mexico--to save a few dollars--often unknowingly purchase insurance policies, which can include deductibles of 5% or even 10% of the vehicle value. These are called "percentage deductibles". If one is involved in a covered loss, "percentage deductibles" can cost thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses for claimants.

Click here to read more on this story





Buy your travel medical insurance on line new! For a free quote click here 

If anyone is staying in Texas and wants a great deal

Newer model mobile home in Corpus Christi, Texas available for rent during the winter months. This 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200+ sq ft, very nice, very clean, and fully furnished home is located off of Laguna Shores Drive just minutes from Padre Island, 3 blocks from the Laguna Reef Restaurant & Fishing Complex and 20 min from Port Aransas. Available this winter from January 1 through May 1, 2012. Available yearly from Sept/Oct to April/May. $600 USD per month + utilities. Willing to negotiate with the right persons. Must see to appreciate. Call (210) 485-5778


Two almost new Dishwashers for sale! Contact karen at dkhahn@sunwave.net for more information @ whirlpool dishwashers in excellent condition Hardly used. 2500 pesos each 327274 3423

Tiki Bamboo Bar with four bamboo bar stools 10,000 pesos' call 327 274 3423
















Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak - Sit-On-Top Yellow, RegularFor Sale Kayak

For Sale: sit-on-top Ocean Kayak "Frenzy" with paddle    $3,500pesos    cell# 322-127-3855

Se Vende: Ocean Kayak "Frenzy" con canalete    $3,500pesos   cell#322-127-3855




Learn Spanish Online

Get the most of out of your experience in Mexico - by learning some Spanish...

Being able to converse in Spanish will give you better access to the culture and make your visit or lifestyle in Mexico much more enjoyable and rewarding.

If you are traveling on business, being able to speak at least a little Spanish will go a long way to helping your negotiations.

Visual Link Spanish offers a unique learning experience that enables you to start speaking Spanish right away.

Spanish Lessons Online - Free

Most language courses teach a lot of grammar rules and verb conjugations, but when you're done you can't actually speak Spanish.

The Visual Link Spanish system is effective in building your conversation skills, because it teaches you to build sentences, ask and answer useful, everyday, questions and truly communicate in Spanish.

These online Spanish lessons will enable you to start speaking and understanding basic Spanish now, and they'll also provide a solid foundation for you to progress onto higher levels later on.

The course is excellent, and because of the way it's presented and structured, you'll begin to speak and understand basic Spanish right away.

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